Saturday, 23 June 2012

5 Things I'll Do Differently in the 2nd Year of University

In the last week or so I’ve been thinking more and more about the second year of university. Maybe it’s because I found out I passed all my classes so I’m definitely going to be able to go back in September. So I thought a fun topic would be the things I’ve learned this year that I will use/do differently next year. Actually, I could only think of four so far, but anyway here they are:

  5.     Talk more to flatmates.
To me it was hard and worrying to have to live with four people I didn’t know at all. The problem was, I don’t think I spoke to them enough at the beginning of the year. Then later it seemed like all four were getting closer and leaving me out completely. This also created some awkward situations for me later in the year. This year I hope I may be able to get closer to my flatmates, talk more, be comfortable around them, maybe even become friends. No more times when I’m scared to leave my bedroom please.

2     4.     Be careful about the amount of food bought.
One freezer drawer each, and they’re not that big. It is hard fitting all the food in. So my aim is to try to buy less freezer food next year. It’s annoying though because it could mean having to eat the same thing over and over for a while. One thing I’m going to do is only buy one bag of chips at a time. I would get two before but I only need one at a time and chips take up space. All this may mean having to go to the shop more but at least it will be lighter to carry home.

3      3.   Create a schedule.
Yeah, I know this is obvious. I think I had one before actually, just that I need one to stick to better, and I think I need an actual area in one of my books as a calendar to note events and somewhere to write down homework because I’m sick of trying to find it in my notebooks. This schedule would not only list when my classes are but (though I don’t like the idea of my whole life being controlled) tell me what I’m doing when not in class. This way, I’m ready for class in time, and I can get my assignments done while at the same time having time for fun.

4     2.  Take less stuff.
I vowed that I wouldn’t fall into the first year stereotype of taking way too much with me. I think it’s safe to say I failed. I want suitcases that aren’t so painful to drag down the street. I also don’t want to have to use storage next year (it works out a lot cheaper to take multiple coach or even train rides to take everything back home. Less clothes, less CDs and DVDs, less games, I’m not even going to take my consoles, just my handheld games.

       1.  Save more money for Summer.
I can’t even remember how much I had but it wasn’t enough. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. I think I had just over £100 after my cat died and I had to pay for the cremation; that definitely won’t happen next year. It was also after buying my 3DS. And it doesn’t include the £100 set aside for expo. So actually I did have quite a bit of money. Maybe I just need to save a bit more and be more careful expenses. Put more aside for expo and don’t use anything other than that. Usually I’m a lot better with money, honestly.

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