Thursday, 24 May 2012

MCM Expo tomorrow!!!

Well we’re finally here, the MCM Expo is tomorrow! I’ve been counting down the days since last expo for this; it will be my third time going and first time going for the whole weekend.

I mentioned in my last post that this expo I’m cosplaying as Zexion from Kingdom Hearts and Professor Hojo from Final Fantasy VII. I’m still not completely sure which I’ll do for two days yet. I think Zexion will be on the Saturday because I think that’s when my friend is going to be Xion.

The expo is already going to be a lot more awesome because another friend’s mum booked us a hotel for the three of us for the weekend. It’s right next to expo and looks really nice. Not only that, but it saves money since we won’t have to travel there and back every day. We were going to book a hotel for ourselves before but had then decided to stay at my place since two of us couldn’t afford it, so this came as a wonderful surprise. This also means no more posts until Monday because I’m not taking my laptop.

Already we have so many plans for expo including various meets with different people, ice cream and pizza. There are also a few things I’m looking forward to seeing there. I also have around £100 spending money, although the only thing I know I’m getting so far is a new wallet since the old one is broken – either money keeps falling out or the zip is refusing to open.

Time to get packed then. It kinda seems crazy, the extra stuff I’m taking. Aside from my cosplays, spare clothes, snacks and everything else you’d need for staying at a hotel, I’m also taking a book and a game with me. I know I probably won’t have time for them but I like to be prepared just in case. I’m also taking a pen and paper but then we usually find reasons to use that too so, that’s not so bad. All this additional entertainment stuff though…

Oh, and these snacks, I have noodles for every day I’m there. I have these really tasty Asian ones. The reason I point that out – I love this flavour but I have absolutely no idea what it’s supposed to be because that part isn’t translated. And then for the day I have giant bags of popcorn to pick at. Luckily for me I’ve needing less food lately. I think it’s because of the heat.

Oh and the weather! This is perfect expo weather! Let us hope it lasts all week!
I also hope it’s like this next year, since a lot more of my body will be exposed. That requires a lot of warmth… and sun cream.

Stacey xXx

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