Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trixie Has Come Home

So about 3pm today, just over two weeks after I took him in, I got a call from the vet to say that they had Trixie’s ashes back and I could pick him up whenever I wanted. Needless to say, I immediately threw my shoes and coat on and hurried over. I would like to add here how nice the vet staff are, both when I took him in and collected him and on the phone. I mean, they have been as far back as I can remember but I thought I’d mention it because I like nice people, especially in matters of death (not that I’ve been involved in many). I do hope the grim reaper is a friendly chap. Anyway, I’m getting off topic.
His urn is wooden, with a lovely little gold plate with his name on. I’m not sure if the gold is real but I think it may be. It’s some kind of golden coloured metal anyway. It’s also nicely sealed so I don’t have to worry so much about accidentally knocking it over and getting ashes everywhere (a real worry I had). It’s a little smaller than I expected but then I never really knew before how much smaller cats get after… well, cremation. Obviously, they do lose a lot of mass. It doesn’t sound right the way I’m saying it, does it? And they gave him to me in another lovely box in a similarly lovely bag, which I was thankful for, it was so much easier than just carrying a box home, and as my mum said, no one would know what was inside.

There was also a card from the cremation people saying the typical sorry for the loss, which I thought was really nice, and certifying the date that he was cremated and that it was done individually. That was part of the reason I paid the extra price, aside from just so I could keep him. I think I mentioned in the post I wrote when he died how obsessed I am with death rituals and how important it is to me and such. So one of the ideas I have on this is that it is disrespectful to burn multiple bodies together and mix the askes. This isn’t in all cases but, for people/pets who have never met or had anything to do with each other and whose ashes will be kept by someone close to them, I really don’t like that, but apparently some do it. Yes, I know it’s ‘just an animal’ but to me that makes no difference, especially considering this cat was with me for over two thirds of my life so far. And I’m getting off topic again.

The card and the box the urn came in also had this really nice little poem:

In case you can't read it properly:

'Your presence we miss,
your memory we treasure.
Loving you always.
in our thoughts forever.'

How sweet is that? So the urn is now sitting nicel on one of my favourite shelves in my room. I actually feel a lot better now he's there.

So that's all for now then,
Stacey xXx

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