Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekly Update 06/05/12

The Bad

I mentioned in my last post that my cat Trixie died this week. I’ve recovered now for the most part but it was really hard for a couple of days. Right now I just can’t wait to get his remains back. I’m still deciding where to put them. I think I might try to find a special pillow to put the urn on, because he liked sleeping on comfy things like that of course.
Because the cremation cost so much I also had to miss my Kingdom Hearts roleplay group’s meeting this week, since it was going to cost a bit. I feel really bad about it and I hated missing it but I was really tired yesterday anyway so maybe it was for the best. I feel like I missed out on so much. I’m also sad I didn’t get a prank call, which is what usually happens to members who don’t turn up.

The Good

I’ve been cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with keeping my room neat and tidy since being in Liverpool and my room here in London was a disaster. So far I’ve got all of the recycling and rubbish out and the things I’m keeping are now in a pile on the floor (except the plushies, who live on my bed). Of course, the bed isn’t against the wall anymore so I do wake up with half of them on the floors some mornings. Now I just need to put everything away. Shocker, I also got rid of my massive magazine collection. In all fairness, I’m never going to read them again, but there was a time they were so important to me. Most of them were still in great condition even.

This week TV time with dad started again. Well, it actually started at the end of last week but still. What I find awesome is that my dad likes a lot of the same anime as I do. So far since being back we’ve watched the entire first series of Bleach and Naruto (both of which we got through in almost one day) and we’re now watching the second series of Bleach before going on to the third. We would get through this one sooner if dad didn’t fall asleep every three episodes hehe. Bleach is probably one of my favourite shows right now, I don’t remember it being this good the first time I watched it.

Also this week I received all the stuff for my cosplay at the end of May. I’m so excited about it. Pictures will probably come soon.

And yesterday (despite not having enough money to get through summer as it is) I pre-ordered the new Kingdom Hearts game. I’ve been promising it to myself for months, I couldn’t just not get it now. I’m so excited about that too! I can’t wait to play it!

Plans for next week

-              Finish the room, if I don’t manage to get it done today.
-              Get shoes for cosplay, the only thing I have left to get.
-              Start planning for Camp Nano, because that starts in June and I haven’t even thought about it yet.
-              Play more games, particularly finish Birth By Sleep. I haven’t been spending as much time playing as usual because I’ve had assignment deadlines and other things, now that I have nothing to do (sort of) I’ll be making up for that. I especially want to go through all the Kingdom Hearts games again before I get a new one.

So there’s the update for the week, lot’s to do now, think I’ll try to make some progress in my room now.

Stacey xXx

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