Monday, 24 October 2011

A Delicate Prey (Short Story)

I move, quiet and cautious, with the concentration of a wolf stalking its prey. You don’t realise I’ve done this a lot; I watch your family a lot. Seven years and you stayed with him, even though he still mistreats you. My love for you never died. However, you’re not the reason I’m here tonight. She shares his blood but she’s my daughter. I was always there for her and he never wanted her. No, you’re not the one I’m after anymore. I no longer look at you with loyal eyes. You can live with your mistake, but the girl is mine and I will take her.

[Note: This was originally written for a creative writing class, based on one of my character's thoughts if the timeline in his story were altered. The task we were given was to choose a title from a long list of short stories and create our own story to fit it.]

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