Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Trip to London Zoo (03/03/13)

On Sunday my Kingdom Hearts group was celebrating our one year anniversary. We celebrated by going to the zoo, in cosplay!
Below are some of my zoo photos (there were over 200 photos and videos so... yeah.)


Seahorses! The I think the fat one is pregnant... or maybe it's just fat.


More fish!

Yet another fish!

This one is also a fish!

Wow, look at all the fish!

I bet you can't guess what this is?

Or this?

Might these be fish? Angel fish are my mum's favourite.

Here they are again.

I think this might be a fish?


That's a really big fish...

My face fucked up severely in this one, but at least you can see the piranha next to me now.

Oh wow... it's not fish! Why did I even have so many pictures of different fish, seriously?

P-p-p-pick up a penguin! Just kidding, we weren't allowed to touch them.

I think the penguin is hungry.

Behold, the majestic heron...

Behold, the greatest photo bomb on the internet! That seagull stole focus like nothing I've ever seen.

Zexion and Xaldin times <3

Xaldin is so cool...

Baby penguin!

Older baby penguin!



I don't know what species it is, but it's the prettiest bird I've ever seen.

I'm so sexy...


'I see you taking picture.'

Baby monkey!


Flamingos! AKA the Marluxia Bird

Again, I don't know what this is, but I like it.

Vexen found science!

Umm... hello creature.


Giant starfish!

Umm... crab? No umm... oh I know this one...


Another cute monkey!

Meerkat! This was awesome, I got to crawl through a bunch of meerkat like tunnels!

Aardvark! Being cute for the camera!

Camel! I wanna ride it!

She's so pretty.

It's a Xaldin on a... to this day I still get turtles and tortoise mixed up... I think that's a tortoise. I could Google it to look smart but... yeah...

Komodo dragon!


I know this... I know this... but anyway, cute!

More cute.

I love reptiles!

That there on the right was called a 'pancake tortoise' which I found hilarious... hey, I think I just figured out which is which!


Most snakes were impossible to get a good picture of. They always came out blurry even though they weren't even moving. I'm so happy this one worked because I love how these two look together.


I didn't find the snake but I thought it's environment looked nice.

King cobra!

So cute.

Because Harry Potter is awesome!


'Everybody look left.'

'Everybody look right...' Lion King reference...

So cute!

Just got even cuter!


Zebra! There was an okapi too but no matter what its face always came out blurry.

Another meerkat!




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