Sunday, 24 March 2013

Redecorating My Bedroom: Plans for Summer

So I’ve decided that redecorating my bedroom is going to be one of my summer projects. I’ve wanted to do this for a while - I’ve been meaning to paint it for over a year! I’m getting really excited about doing it finally.

I already have a number of plans for it. I don’t think I’ll be rearranging my furniture again. I’ve done that three or four times over the last year. A couple of little things may change but I really like most of the layout I have now.

When I’m back in London for Easter I’m going to go through my things and get rid of some more. I narrow it down every time I clean up and there’s still things I’ve kept that I liked or thought I’d use at some point but I know I probably never will. I think I have a pretty big bedroom and quite a bit of storage space but there never seems to be enough for the things I have so I’m hoping to change that.

As for my decorative plans, my main idea was to attempt to make it look cute without being too girly, because I don’t want that. I’m painting the walls a single colour and I wanted it to be some shade of purple because it’s my favourite colour. A lot of my room decoration is actually nice but it’s over a decade old so it doesn’t really suit me anymore so a lot of this is going to be changing my room so it fits me. I was looking at B&Q because that’s my big local DIY place and a lot of their paints are cheaper than I’ve seen elsewhere. They have a light purple/pinkish one called ‘Lollipop’ that I love so I want to go with that. I’m also repainting my doors, door frames and windowsill white. They’re already white but a new coat would look great and my closet doors currently have other things painted on them and I’d like to make them plain. I may or may not do the ceiling. It will be more difficult to do that and I’m not sure how well it would come out, but I might try anyway.

Another thing I’ve wanted to change for a long time is my curtains. Like the walls, my curtains haven’t been changed in over a decade. They’re old, faded and stained. I’ve also gone off the material and patterns. I wanted to get a rug too, one of the fluffy ones, and I thought it would look great if those two were the same colour because then there would be some real colour themes going on.

I actually already have these things. I decided to get them from my favourite fabric store. I thought I’d get one of the nice fake furs they have there to use as a rug since it’s cheaper than any real fluffy rug I’ve seen. I decided to make my own curtains because getting the exact size I need in a colour I want at a price I was willing to pay was proving impossible.

The material I bought for the curtains was turquoise satin. Turquoise is actually my birthstone so I thought that worked even better. I chose satin because it was cheap and I preferred the feel of it compared to some of the other options. Plus I’ve always liked the idea of satin curtains. I wanted turquoise for the fur too but they didn’t have any left so I bought a different blue. It still works great with the curtain material and honestly I think a darker colour is better for something that’s going to be on the floor anyway.

Here’s a picture I took of the two:

That’s not all. I have a metre of black fur left from my Ulquiorra cosplay and wanted to do something comfy with that. My friend actually suggested I use that as a rug and I’d considered it but because it’s a nicer quality and more expensive I instead decided to put it over the back of my armchair, to make that warmer and snugglier. My cat Sonny is going to love all this fluffy stuff.

Another thing I’ve wanted for ages is some of those glow in the dark stars you can stick to the ceiling. On Amazon a pack of a thousand is only a fiver. It’s going to be so much fun decorating with them.
I’d also like to take some of the ornaments off the shelves in my closet and bring them out into the room. For that I’m particularly thinking a set of small skulls I have and a little pot I made. I would also like to set aside a nice place for Trixie’s (my old cat’s) urn.
Then for further decoration I’m going to put things up on my wall after decorating. I’ve gotten permission to put a nail in the wall so I can hang up my second wall scroll (there was already one in there which the first scroll took). I used to have it on a hook above my closet but with it there I can only open one of the doors and it’s inconvenient. Then I’ll put up a few posters (anime, gaming, music, etc.).

That’s about all the planning I’ve done for now. I plan to do updates when I actually start working on it. I’ll be going through my stuff and making the curtains over Easter. I won’t be doing the rest until summer because it requires the painting being done. My mum was the one who actually suggested I wait until I come back for summer to do that because it will be warmer so the paint will dry faster. I’m so excited. Luckily for me the summer holiday starts on the 23rd of April and I’m gonna be back May 4th. It’ll probably be a couple of days after that before I actually get started and luckily I have uni and cosplay projects to keep me busy until then.ereH

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