Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Little University Update

So I wanted to talk a little bit about uni recently, just because I’m quite happy about it. I’ve been really busy for the last month with uni work, to the point I haven’t had that much time for anything else, hobbies and sleep included. That’s all over now thankfully. In fact, I only have one week of classes left before the Easter holiday and only one week of lessons afterwards before the end of term. That makes me happy.

Most of my assignments are actually almost finished, just editing out the last few problems and improving it as much as possible before the deadline, but everything’s there. One of them that still needs quite a bit of work is my Independent Study project which I posted a few days ago. I had a meeting about it on Thursday and it left me really happy. Firstly, the comic wasn’t as bad as I thought he was going to say it was, just needs a few edits, a little layout reworking and a bit cut here and there. It also turned out I don’t need to make a whole issue as even he feels that’s ‘too much work’. What I do have to do is a commentary (which I have to do with every assignment), a scene list for the whole thing and then just one completed chapter. That’s a lot less and I feel so much more confident that I’ll have it done and done well in time for the deadline, which as I found out is the 22nd of April instead of the 13th as I had originally thought. 1 more week!

That means to finish all my assignments in time I only need to work on them for a couple of hours a day, which leaves me a lot more time for rest and anything else I want to do.

Another big thing coming up, the only thing not due on the 22nd of April, is a presentation I have to do this Thursday. I actually had it ready for last week since our lecturer wouldn’t pick certain people to go on that day beforehand. I actually like that, it’s fair because everyone had to have theirs ready for that day, but if you’re someone like me who gets nervous about presentations it’s worrying. I wouldn’t have minded going the first week if I’d known I’d have to do it, but sitting there not knowing if I was about to be called would have been terrifying. Luckily, he started by asking who wanted to go that day, and there were enough volunteers to last the whole class.

While that does mean I’d have an extra week to improve it if I wanted, I don’t think I have to do that much. I was worried about whether I’d written the right stuff but after seeing other people do theirs I feel like it’s right, I just want to change the way I see a couple of things. Seeing other people do theirs also made me more confident doing my own and even made me want to do it. Actually, I’m not as nervous about this presentation as I have been about past ones. I think that’s mostly because I’m talking about my own work (it’s a world building class so I’m talking about the setting of my novel) and I usually love talking about my own work. There are a few flaws with the world still but I think rather than showing I can make a perfectly working world this presentation is more to show that I’ve actually put thought and effort into building a world that works even if there are still a few things that need to be worked out. Anyway, I’m not worried about Thursday which is great.

I feel pretty good about everything university related right now. On a side note, because it’s a little relevant, I’ve booked my storage for over the summer now. It’s so much better than the place I had last year. I mean, that place was great, but this one is half the price and they collect your stuff, take it to storage, then bring it to your new place for you. They even provide packaging, it’s amazing! I plan to use them when I have to move everything back to London next year too.

So that’s about it for now. Bye bye!

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