Friday, 4 January 2013

My Room Now Has A Cosplay Zone! (Room Tour/Pics)

So for the last couple of days I’ve been working on reorganising my bedroom (which seems to happen a lot more than it should). Well, there was a lot of stuff that was just shoved in the closet that I wanted to sort out when I came home for the holiday, but that seemed to have exploded outwards. Then Expo happened and well, I always manage to misplace something and make a giant mess trying to find it.

So it’s all sorted out now and I’ve added some new areas. Let’s have a quick tour before I show you the really special one.

Here’s where I sleep, complete with plushies. There's also usually a cat.

Here's where I sit. My computer is in the convenient location of being reachable from both my chair and bed.

Here’s the TV/gaming zone. This is a really fun place. The PS2, PS3 and Wii under the TV, second half of my DVD collection and my PC games are underneath. Keyboard on the floor off to the right because I don't have a stand. Floor shelf on the right with the PS1 and any old toys I still like to keep.

Here’s my library. My books have to be piled up like that because it’s the only way they fit. I’d prefer to have them alphabetical like everything else but piles like this are just easier organised by size. I have various things along the shelves as well. The first half of my DVD collection is at the top. My game and anime collection are on the central red shelf. At the very bottom you can just about see a box of old toys I found in the closet that I'd kept that are getting ready to be given away. Yes, those are flags sticking out of the top of that thing.

Entering the closet now. Bits of clothing and boxes are kept off to the side. The shelves are used for any framed pictures and ornaments that I have.

Below that are these storage units. The top one on the left contains items I keep for memories, the one in the middle is the 'miscellaneous' section and the bottom is for wires. I know it's probably a bad idea to keep wires together like that, but aside from tangles I at least have ways to tell similar ones apart.
Top right is for stationary, bottom is for papers and notebooks that have already been used, so I know to fill those ones out before moving onto clean ones and the bottom is for unused notebooks and paper.

Beside those is this box where I keep all my make up and any accessories. You can see my hat collection and an old wig from drama class at the top there.

And now for the most epic area, my cosplay zone!

Right, the desk is a bit of a mess at the moment because I've dumped some extra things there that need to be put away. This is also where Trixie's urn is being kept now in the corner, I've kept the other stuff away out of respect. when I'm finally able to start making my cosplays the sewing machine will be going there. There's now a lot of floor space around it so I have space to work as well. My Vincent scroll is behind it for encouragement and it now isn't blocked by anything.

 This is also part of it. I have some cosplay stuff in the top drawer including sewing supplies and some materials, that's where I'll be putting that sort of stuff. There's some on top too. The three shelves below that are for my clothes (I have others elsewhere) and CD's fill the bottom two.

So there it is! My room, feeling even bigger now I've found the best organisation for it, now with an area for working on my cosplays. It's really comfortable in here now and I can't wait to make use of that section.

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