Friday, 18 October 2013

R.I.P. Laptop

Hello people! Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Unfortunately, the title of this post may give you some idea as to why. A couple of weeks ago my computer got every sick. I actually don’t know what was wrong with it. We ran so many tests and they didn’t come up with any answers.

It didn’t seem too bad when it started. The internet froze. That happens occasionally and most of the time it just sorts itself out. Then it extended to the rest of the laptop. Eventually I had to shut it down with that big button you’re only supposed to use for turning it on. I hate doing that, and use it only as a last resort. When it came back on it said it had to do some kind of start-up repair thing. I thought it was just a result of how it was turned off. A few days later Windows crashed. It came back on fine, but by then it was worried. Then the start-up repair started happening every time I turned it on. It always said it failed but the computer always went on fine afterwards. Until it didn’t. Days went by and it was still in this state. It spent hours and hours trying to do this repair thing. At one point I let it go on for nearly 48 hours just to see if it actually did something. 

It was a lost cause, and the worst happened. So I had to find a replacement, which puts me nicely in the middle of my overdraft. I’ll be living very cheaply between now and January, but I needed a working computer. I’m still keeping the old one, in case we do manage to find a solution sometime in the future. I highly doubt it though. I had it two years but it was second hand and other parts of it had problems, it was only a matter of time sadly.

The new computer works well. It has better memory and stuff. It’s Windows 8, which is interesting. I like it but there are some parts of it that annoy me, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. It doesn’t play Minecraft as well though. It has a lot more lag than it did on my old computer and I’m hoping this doesn’t last because I don’t want to lose my games but it is a bit more difficult to play now.
R.I.P old laptop, I did love you.


Hello new friend, I look forward to working with you (I haven't got around to changing the background yet).

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