Monday, 5 August 2013

Room Tour/Redecoration (Video)

Another of my DZP goals being fulfilled here, this is actually something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I was originally going to do it as a photo post but decided it would be better to show you on video rather than try to explain pictures. Below the video I’ve also added a couple of extras I forgot to talk about, as well as a bit on why I love redecoration.


1.       On the closet doors I forgot to talk about the non-music decorations, which is weird because they’re more important on a personal level:
Top left – A chalk drawing of a spider I had to do for class back in primary school (just realised how bad it would have been if someone had severe arachnophobia back then). I found it in my closet and just decided to put it up.
Bottom left – Chinese style artwork made for me by a friend of the family. So beautiful.
Bottom right – This is actually a picture taken of me a few years ago by a close friend, I think back when she was doing a photography course. She gave me the picture and I’d always meant to put it up but never got around to it until now.

2.       Everything fits together perfectly. I didn’t spend anytime focusing on the little table, which holds my laptop and drinks. It’s perfectly places so that I can easily reach it whether I’m in bed, on my chair or on the floor. The game controllers are also perfect. I’m surprised they can stretch all the way across the room from where my TV is to where I can sit back on my chair or lay back in my bed and still play comfortably.

3.       One thing I haven’t gotten around to changing yet is my curtains. That’s because the rod they’re attached to doesn’t come off the wall. So someone put the curtains on it and then permanently fixed it on there. There’s a regular curtain thing behind it so hopefully we can get that sorted out soon too.

I mention in the video that one of the things I loved most about redecorating was that, while I liked the way my room was before, it looked the way it did when I was a kid. The very best part about redecoration I think, is making your home match you. I did this by changing the colours to ones I liked and putting more loved items where they would be easily seen within the room, such as my plushies and wall scrolls. They’re nice things to show off and finally having the room finished meant I was finally able to put them up. It’s so much nicer to be in here now everything’s the way I want it to be where I was almost feeling uncomfortable before the change. I think the solid colour acts to the ‘tidy’ look I wanted to give it (not that my room can ever completely be tidy) where the varying patterns on it before, while nice, added to the cluttered look.
Another really great thing about redecorating a room to suit you is when you’re doing it yourself. As I’ve never done something like this before, the painting part at least, the new experience was very exciting. As the room hasn’t been redecorated since I was a child, I never had a part to play in it back then and I think one of the things that makes it so much better now is knowing that I made it happen myself. Oh, I’m not a professional painter by any means and you’d definitely see that if you look along the edges, and I thought that it would bother me unless the final product was perfect but it never has.

One piece of advice I can give to anyone else who may be redecorating is don’t buy your painting supplies from the 99p shop. I bought a pack of three rollers. One broke as soon as I started using it and the others broke the second I tried to clean them. The paintbrushes I bought from the same place were a fair bit better but I’m not sure if it was their quality, my lack of skill, or if it’s normal but their bristles were falling off all over the place (really annoying to pick out of painted sections of wall). I ended up doing most of the job with a single paintbrush.

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