Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Cosplay List (OLD)

[Update: This list is a few months old now and some things have changed since I made it. Some I no longer plan to do, others I still plan to do but have no set time and place in mind. My cosplay plans so far this year always seem to go wrong so I'm only planning them one convention at a time for now with a small list of others I want to do in the near future and another of ones I want to do but don't feel a huge need to do right away. I might write a new post about this soon, but I thought I'd leave this old one up just because it was so fun when I did make it and I thought others might like to see.)

So now that it’s a new year and I’ve recently added new cosplays to my list I decided I’d update it. I think this will be my last proper update of this list and any new ones I’ll just announce separately.

I’ve made a few changes. The list is still in alphabetical order by character name and I’ve added some little details for each of them. I’ve taken out the ones I’ve already done even if I intend to cosplay them again, and I’ve also removed the ones I wasn’t completely sure about doing. I believe I’ve added about three that weren’t on the list before.

The current total is at 20.

 Annie – Gunnerkrigg Court
The only webcomic character on this list. I’ll be doing this outfit of hers as it’s been my favourite so far. She’s actually not my favourite character but I still love her and I think I’d pull her off really well.

Faye – Cowboy Bebop
I had to cosplay someone from this. At first I thought I was going to do Spike (still might someday) but I decided to cosplay Faye instead. She’s really cool too. I feel more comfortable about the idea of wearing costumes that show off more of my body now as well so all is well there.

Haruhi – Ouran High School Host Club
Again, it’s a show I really liked so I thought I should cosplay someone from it. I decided on her mainly because I couldn’t choose between the guys but also because I spent most of my teenage years being a girl trying to make people think I’m a guy, so I can relate to her there. Plus I think she’s awesome.

Jiro– Black Blood Brothers
Again, part feeling the need to add someone from this series, and part just wanting that hat. I have a thing for hats and it’s funny because I used to really hate his hat… but now I want it. Also he, like many of the guys on this list, is very pretty (so how could I cosplay him?).

Lucrecia – Final Fantasy VII
Added because I randomly fell in love with that outfit. Yeah...

Mayuri – Bleach
Just one of a long list of Bleach cosplays. What can I say? I like mad scientists. That hat will be the death of me. This one is currently planned for October’s MCM Expo.

Nezumi – No.6
I watched the whole series a couple of weeks ago and I’m in love with it. Nezumi is my favourite character and from the beginning I wanted to cosplay him.

Orochimaru – Naruto
My second Naruto cosplay (or what will probably be the second unless others are added). Again, I just like crazy people.

Prince Soma – Black Butler
He’s adorable and he amuses me. 

Renji– Bleach
I have everything I need to do this aside from the wig and headband! Soon…

Rika - Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Currently planned for Halloween this year. Simple, yeah, but fitting.

Ritsu– Fruits Basket
A friend and I were talking about cosplaying from this at some point. I love almost all the characters, Ritsu included, and well, I am a monkey.

Sesshomaru – InuYasha
This will be done eventually. Along with the above these were the first two anime I really got into aside from the ones we had as kids like Pokemon and stuff. He’s always been my favourite character so I’m determined to do this well.

Silica – Sword Art Online
As soon as I started watching this show I knew I had to cosplay from it. I chose Silica just because I liked her costume most. I’m working on making her costume now and I’ll be wearing it for the MCM Expo in London in May, and possibly for Alcon as well.

Ulquiorra – Bleach
I’m making a chibi/release form for the MCM expo in May, though I’m considering doing the normal version at some point too.

Undertaker – Black Butler
Another character I love from this show. Again, he just amuses me a lot. And the hat…

Vaporeon – Pokémon
This resulted in a conversation I was having about Pokémon the other day. I was discussing it with a friend who often cosplays various Pokémon. We were talking about which ones we loved most and I said I’d always loved the eeveelutions and it was the only time I didn’t prefer the fire type. Don’t get me wrong, I love Flareon (he’s so fluffy!) and the others, but I’ve always liked Vaporeon the most out of this group. I think a lot of it is to do with the tail. Anyway there are a few people I know doing pokemon cosplays and one of them was working on a human version, and I had this idea for a human version of Vaporeon that I got really excited about.

Wonderweiss – Bleach
I just love him, he’s adorable. I’ll be cosplaying him in the October MCM Expo.

Yuffie – Final Fantasy VII
Specifically the version in the picture though I love all of her outfits and will probably attempt them all at some point. This just came from a friend and I trying to pick FF7 characters to cosplay. I chose her mainly because I didn’t want to insult Vincent (still planning to make his cape at the very least because I want it so, so much).

Yumichika – Bleach
Yet another resulting from plans with friends, this one was originally planned for May too but then they had other plans. I still hope I can do this eventually though.


  1. It might be a little late to comment on this post, but i just wanted to say i like your list C:
    Wonderweiss is super adorable and the undertaker is great too.
    good luck on your cosplays!

    1. It's never too late when a post is this beautiful! Thank you so much, I shall try my hardest to do them justice! (I am way too in character for Wonderweiss already.)