Monday, 27 February 2012

27-02-12: A Very Happy Update

Okay, after nearly a month of not writing anything (on here anyway… and little elsewhere) I am happy to say that I’ve found myself becoming obsessive over writing again. Wonderful. Oh, if you’ve read my blog before you may notice I’ve changed my name to my real name and not my umm… ‘online name’? Well that’s because I’ve finally decided I’ll set up an extra blog specifically for my writing and I want my real name on it… while at the same time not having to set up a whole new account (especially since this one has my main email too).

I’ve started planning my novel again, the one I was supposed to be doing for NaNoWriMo last year. The thing is the story has gone so many places in my head but the only thing that really changes is character relationships without much other plot, and a lot of things generally might need to change for this thing to be better. I’m keeping all the parts I got from my dreams, those are the really good parts. Anyway, for fun I recreated six of my main characters on Sims 3, and here they are:

Right, now they don’t all look completely accurate so I just want to add where they are different. Erin, Azrael and Cercey look fine, as much like themselves as a Sims replica could be. Naomi pretty much is too but she should be slightly darker in skin tone. Kadria should be quite a bit more pale, her hair is a bit lighter and her ponytail is a lot thicker and longer while the front is styled slightly differently. Sarin I will say does not look so much like himself. His hair is actually supposed to be a sort of dark blonde/very light brown and I don’t think that shade is accurate enough. His hair is also not that flat, it’s meant to be a lot messier. I don’t know how to explain it but his face shape isn’t quite right either. Not good since he was originally meant to be the main character, before Azzie and Kadria started taking over… I also don’t know why so many of them have green eyes. Also Azrael and Naomi are supposed to be twins but other than eyes they look nothing alike… although I suppose that can happen.

On a non-writing note, I can’t wait for the weekend, going back to London to have fun with my Kingdom Hearts roleplay group. It’s only been around for a month or so but it’s so amazing. And I’m Zexion so yeah, more happiness for me. It made sense since I already cosplayed him so yeah… speaking of cosplay, I gotta get my stuff for May Expo together. The more I talk with my group members the more I just wanna be Zexion again… but this one will be lots of fun too. I should actually be buying my ticket right about now… and the ticket for my coach home for summer – April 24th! Of course I’m a lucky b**** and uni for me finishes at the end of March.

Well… that’s pretty good for an update for now, Stacey out!

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  1. I have no idea why the half of the writing after the picture has gone so weird :(
    Hope it doesn't annoy too much.