Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Super Late Christmas and New Year Post

Christmas did not feel like Christmas this year… that’s all I have to say… aside from the general Christmas stuff all I really did was watch TV and play games all day, it was just a normal day. I had more fun around the time though, I went out a lot with friends. One of them well, we have a lot more inside jokes now hehehe.

I also didn’t get a lot of presents this year. One friend bought me a jar of marshmallow fluff so that was pretty cool. Then my other friend bought me my Sephiroth plushie, that was back in May but we said then that the plushies we bought each other were Christmas presents. So yeah, hardly any presents for my birthday or Christmas this year. Again, still waiting on the Christmas present from my mum since she couldn’t afford it for Christmas. She’s given me the money for it now but I’m waiting until I go back to Liverpool and ordering it online so I don’t have even more stuff to carry. Not that presents are all I care about, I couldn't afford to get many for others either, but that does make it feel a little less Christmassy.

And now so there isn’t a massive clump of writing, here’s a funny picture of Sonny:

New Year’s

So… New Year’s day… midnight… that’s one of the times when my cats get really scared, they hate fireworks and Sonny, the one who’s closer to me, always stays really close, sometimes snuggling right up beside me. He does that anyway but it’s even cuter when he’s scared. I remember one year we were just hiding under a big blanket together…
And then there are the parties… I got dragged to one for a while. Lucky me to walk in just when the embarrassing drunken dancing was starting. I think my mum was trying to get me drunk because all the drinks she game me were a lot stronger than usual. I left as soon as I could. Nothing against them, I’m just not good at parties.

And of course, New Year’s Resolutions. I’m cheating and starting mine from today. I wouldn’t even say they’re actually NYR’s because there’s a whole list and it doesn’t really feel like that to me… let’s just say goals for the year. I have a lot more goals but these are the big ones that need focus.

1. Write at least one short story a day. This is the most important. I’ve been trying to do it for ages but now this will be my motivation to get it done. It’s also important since I want to be a writer and since my writing is essential for my university classes.
2. Get better grades in my uni classes. They aren’t bad but they could be better. I want really high ones…
3. This I suppose is always the standard one, just to be healthier. For a while I was managing to exercise every day but now I’m going to try again to actually do that. I want to both lose weight and get stronger. I also want to have a better, more balanced diet. That won’t be easy on £15 a week for food but it should be more come September.
4. Good idea, stick to the budget. It’s not such a big deal if I go over because I do have £200 overdraft available on my bank account but I don’t like to use it.
5. Get better at drawing. I also want to get better at other skills but I suppose this is the one I’ll focus on for now.
6. Finish all the games I currently own. Yeah, I know that’s a bit dumb to have as a goal, but I’m really determined to get through each of them at least once. I’d rather do that before getting any new games I mean. And since there’s one I really want coming out this year, that’s extra motivation hehehe.
7. Be more confident in social situations. I already am in most now… just a few left to go and it’s like I don’t even have a syndrome… lol

Hmmm… that’s all I can think of right now. It’s already too many. I’ll probably think of more goals later but well… this can be the list for now.

Right so... that's all for this post then...

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