Friday, 26 April 2013

Plans for University 3rd Year


Next year I’m going to be living with two other people from my class. I’m happy about this because I think that’s going to make them easier to talk to and get used to (I mean nothing bad there but it’s always a slight adjustment living with new people). I think it’ll be fun, and hopefully the year I’m able to make friends with my flatmates.

I’m also looking forward to getting back to anime society. Even though it just ended, there were quite a few I had to miss, so I’m determined to miss as few as possible next year.

That’s all there is for university related stuff really. Aside from that I’ll still hopefully be having regular trips to London, including for October’s MCM Expo.


I really don’t know much about my modules next year; I found the information on most of them pretty general, without a lot of info on what would actually be happening. However, considering the nature of the modules I don’t think that was necessary for most in choosing their modules. You just have the basics for each category – poetry, prose and screenwriting – two work related modules and Independent Study again. All except the second screenwriting module are yearlong.

I’m doing the prose module. It’s my favourite, the one I’m best at, the one most relevant to me, and so I have to do it. Yes, there’s only one but it’s worth twice as many credits as all the others. I’m not sure why it’s like this but I’m happy with it.

I’m doing the two screenwriting modules too because I also like those, and I think I’m good at it and it’ll be good for the future. The second screenwriting module is in the second semester and it seems to be some sort of continuation of the first but I’m not totally sure if that’s the case. I’ll also have some catching up to do since I didn’t do the second screenwriting module this year. I didn’t do the second for prose either but as I’ve done two other prose related modules I’m hoping it will mean I’m not behind.

Then there’s the work related module. We have to do at least one of the two to be able to graduate. I’m doing one where the first semester is basically planning a writing project and it’s optional whether you then actually do it or not so I’m not sure what the second semester is about.
The other option was one where you actually get a job in a writing-related place, but we were told to only take that option if you know you’ll be able to get one yourself and I’m really not sure how easily I’d achieve that, so I went with the definite option. Plus I’m scared about having a job in Liverpool when it comes to things like holidays. I don’t want to be away from London too long.

So that’s basically it for the modules. Another thing I’m really happy and hopeful about is the timetable. I’m not sure what it will be but apparently the staff asked if the third year timetable next year could be the same as next year. If the timetable creators agree, I’ll have Thursdays and Friday’s off again, meaning no having to choose between class and expo!

The third year is going to be my last year at university and I’m hoping it’s going to be the best.

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